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Writing Good News Articles - Hard Vs Soft

If there was one thing I’d like to take away from reading this article, it would be the need for more people to write straight news articles. It’s simply not enough to just tell someone about something that happened or has happened – you must provide them with proof.

In today’s world of instant information, it’s incredibly difficult to find information that is factual and up to date. While a person may be able to find some sort of information on the internet, it’s almost impossible for them to have the ability to understand or verify the information. Even if you were able to verify the information, you would have to do some sort of verification yourself, which makes it even harder for the average person to do so.

That’s why it’s so important for news organizations to post good news stories and good news articles. Hard news/straight news reports that give only the best (or most relevant) information in an unbiased and fairly straightforward fashion are known as hard/hard news articles.

This type of article usually follows the inverted pyramid format, which places the most important newsworthy information at the start of the piece, followed by the next most important information (or “other news”), and finally the information that is considered secondary or peripheral. As you read through these pieces, you’ll notice that they often break down the main points into small paragraphs that explain the significance of each one, whether the story is news, and how it relates to the larger picture.

When I first started reading and writing articles, I remember thinking about this problem and realizing that while I could always find sources of good news, I wasn’t quite sure how to get a reader’s attention without using the same methods as those used by news agencies and magazines. It took me a while to figure out how to use these same methods to write articles that actually interest and intrigue me, without taking away my readers’ interest in the article itself.

The goal of all good news articles is to make you think about your current situation and the information that you want to learn more about. The best news is the kind where the information doesn’t just tell you what happened, but what’s going to happen in the future and what you can do to help change it.

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